F.I.T Services

FIT Services for Individual Business or Leisure Trips

As one of USA’s specialists for the individual traveler, Le Tour USA offers an extensive range of services throughout USA & Canada. Exclusive accommodations in the city center or nearby hotels starting from 2 Stars budget to 5 Stars ultra-luxe resort. Our expert team members designs trips with flexible itineraries and plenty of options to meet your traveler’s needs. We provide excellent services whether the request is for a simple single city hotel-only booking or a multi-destination customized itinerary. Our expert team offer a tailored approach to each request therefore our team will present with the best possible itinerary which meets your traveler’s needs.


Hotel Selection

We ensure you that each itinerary completed with carefully designed and includes unparalleled hotel selection, enriched tours, superb activities and more.
We offer a choice of hotel accommodations to fit your traveler’s style and budget. Our impressive selection of hotels that are known for great location, amenities, and services in all cities throughout in the USA and Canada.


24/7 Traveler Assistance

Our unique approach to your traveler includes 24/7 support for travelers. We take responsibility for every stage of guests’ trip. Our dedicated team member will provide a single point of communication to make sure everything runs smoothly on your traveler’s itinerary.



Our design itineraries include sightseeing tours in each city so your traveler do not miss the must-see sights. We may also personalized your traveler’s trip by adding their own style attraction such as Broadway Show, NBA Games and more.



We provide executive luxury ground transportation service in the USA & Canada. We can accommodate groups of any size. We specialize in meet-and-greet airport transfers. From any address to any address our Point-to-Point service will meet the occasion.


VIP Services

Although each guest receives the highest level of attention, we offer additional VIP Concierge Service that includes highest standard of services for your unique clients. From the moment they arrive, our VIP specialist is there to take care of everything.


City Stays

We offer unique way to discover the culture, life style, cuisine, art and history of each city through our style tours and activities.

Family Vacations

We have all the tools to make sure family is all smiles. We offer your travelers to share an unforgettable journey with their loved ones.

Business Travel

We offer a stress-free itinerary for your corporate clients and let them to focus on their own business schedule.


Fly & Drive

We deliver extremely flexible Fly & Drive itineraries. They set their own pace and their own style.

Soft Adventure

We have endless options to create an unparalleled adventure itineraries which include a first-class rafting, sea kayaking or hiking.

Pre & Post Cruise Packages

Whether your travelers want to relax after their cruise or visiting city before setting sail, we may present a great package for them