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Leisure Individual or Group Itineraries



Group of Any Size

Whether you are looking to travel in a small or large group, we are ready and able to serve you.We have the capacity and expertise to accompany Leisure Groups of all sizes. Our programmes are customized to your requests and everyone gets personalized proposals.

Any Destination

We serve all the cities in both the US and Canada. We have extensive local destination know-how to provide any group travel arrangements in any city. Our creative approach allows us to bring new destinations and features to your leisure travels.

Budget to Luxury

Our personalised services ensure that we only propose you with programmes and selections in accordance with your demanded group sizes and budget. Whether you want to go all out or stay in a tight budget, our staff is here to get you the best possible options. One tip is If you are looking to keep your luggage under the airline’s max, try For a good lightweight suitcase, try Travelbusy’s post


Personalized Attention

One of our expert team members will be assigned to you, once you make a request for the group you’re handling. Your specialist will provide a single point of communication to make sure everything runs smoothly on your traveler’s itinerary during their trip.

Rich Sightseeing

Our uniquely designed programs are loaded with many sightseeing options in each destination so your travelers don’t miss the must-see sights. Programs include secret places, movie locations, historical walking tours and much more.

Expert Guides

Once the group arrives at the destination, a friendly and professional guide will be there for a warm welcome. During the trip, our local expert guide will be right next to your guests and offer them hints and recommendations about each destination.


Customize Leisure, Incentive and Corporate Meeting Groups Itineraries
Here is only a sample of all tours and iteneraries we offer. We are very flexible and can satisfy even the most demanding requests. So whatever programme you have in mind, please feel free to contact us and we will put it together for you in a creative manner.


Leisure Group Programs


East Coast 3 in 1

Cities: New York | Orlando | Miami
Suggested Duration: 7 Day
Highlights: Rich City Tours, Night Shows, Desirable Hotels


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Guided Theme Park Tour


Walt Disney World & Universal Studios

Cities: Orlando | Miami
Suggested Duration: 7 Day
Highlights: Universal Studios, W.Disney World, Kennedy Space Center and South Beach


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West Coast Leisure Group Program


West Coast – California & Las Vegas

Cities: San Francisco | Los Angeles | Las Vegas
Suggested Duration: 9 Day
Highlights: Scenic Road Trip, Over night at National Parks, Grand Canyon Tour


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Grand Canyon Family Trip, Incentive or Leisure Groups


Grand Canyon

Cities: Los Angeles | L.Vegas | Grand Canyon | San Diego
Suggested Duration: 9 Day
Highlights:L.Angeles VIP City Tour, Palm Spring Shopping Tour, San Diego Sea World


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